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Starting a New Site

Thank you for your interest in bringing Girls on the Run (GOTR) to your local school or facility!  

Girls on the Run of Greater Alaska is an Affiliate Council of Girls on the Run International, which has a network of 200+ locations across the United States and Canada.  AWARE, Inc., located in Juneau, is the affiliate agency for Girls on the Run of Greater Alaska. We at AWARE Inc. believe that interpersonal violence can and must be prevented.  We believe that by unplugging ourselves from the negative messages that limit and minimize girls and tapping into our full and complete selves we are working with girls to empower them.  We are helping them realize their potential and build their self-confidence, and we are taking steps towards violence prevention across Alaska.   

Girls on the Run of Greater Alaska currently serves approximately 300 girls per year and has been in 14 communities, so far mostly in Southeast Alaska.  As of 2015, our council’s area includes all of Alaska, with the exception of Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, which are served by the GOTR of Southcentral Alaska council.

Within this service area are we are expanding our programming to include new communities and reach more girls with our message of joy, health and confidence.  As our program is affiliated with a domestic violence program, all new GOTR locations must be affiliated with a domestic violence program.

In order for our program to grow and succeed, we require a strong and active commitment from our domestic violence program partners.

Before implementing GOTR, all new Domestic Violence Agency Partners must:

  • Complete a new partner application/readiness check-list
  • Sign a written Memorandum of Agreement with AWARE
  • Receive training from AWARE Girls on the Run

Applications for new partner agencies will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Applications for new partner agencies to implement during the Fall season are due April 1st and by October 1st to implement in the Spring season. 

For more information on starting GOTR in your area or for the application:

Call AWARE, Inc. 907-586-4902 or email