GOTR of Greater AK Evaluations

In addition to the national evaluation, GOTR of Greater Alaska conducts regional evaluation to ensure quality programming and desired outcomes are being met.  In 2013, an outcome evaluation (using pre-post surveys) was conducted to assess whether girls who participated in the program changed in any of the following ways:

  • Acceptance of traditional gender stereotypes
  • Social-emotional health
  • Participation in physical activity
  • Body acceptance
  • Self-esteem

Seventy girls participated in the pre survey, and 73 girls participated in the post survey. Evidence from this evaluation study points to participation in Girls on the Run as a powerful factor in improving healthy lifestyle skills among third through eighth grade girls in Alaska.  The most noticeable changes seen following the Girls on the Run program were participants’ acceptance of traditional gender stereotypes, skills for identifying and dealing with emotions, and ability to stand up for themselves and others.  These positive lifestyle skills will help prepare them for challenges they may face as they enter adolescence.  Overall, the Girls on the Run program appears to be making meaningful changes in the lives of young girls in Alaska.  

Social Emotional Health Outcomes

Pre-post group comparison of various social-emotional health statements.

                     Social Emotional Health Outcomes

Traditional Gender Stereotypes Outcomes

Pre-post group comparison of participants’ acceptance of various gender stereotypes.

                      Gender Stereotypes

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